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A selection of some of our corporate clients



Seminars and Driver Awareness Training for Proctor and Gamble staff, particularly those who are high-mileage drivers in company and hired-in vehicles





Seminars, Driver Training and Assessment for a wide range of SSE staff in cars and vans



Driver Training and Assessment for Immigration Service Personnel who have to operate vehicles with secure compartments to ensure the containment and safety of occupants




Burnham Area Rescue Boats actually operate Emergency Rescue Hovercraft on the Bristol Channel. ONWARD provide Emergency Response ("Blue Light") Driver Training to volunteer crew members. The training involves towing large hovercraft trailers behind the BARB response vehicles on Emergency calls, with the sanction and assistance of the Avon and Somerset Police

We have worked with St. John Ambulance over several years, predominently in Wiltshire and Dorset, providing pre-employment Driver Assessments, In-Service Assessments, Patient Transport Service (PTS) Training, as well as Emergency Response (Blue Light) Driver Training. We also provide 4x4 Off-Road Training, using the Military Training Ground on Salisbury Plain



Lease Car Driver Assessments, Driver Refresher Training and Speed Awareness Courses are some of the services we have provided over several years to Essex County Council. The Essex Speed Awareness Courses were some of the first delivered in the UK and have been very successful with a very low re-offending rate


 Extensive 4x4 driver training in the Omani desert, together with assessments of local trainers, all delivered on behalf of the Sultanate of Oman's state oil industry. This arose following a period where many drivers were being needlessly killed in the desert and mountain regions




Adverse Weather training for District Nurses and other essential staff from the North Somerset Community Partnership, who must maintain appointments with vulnerable patients, no matter what the weather and road conditions. Staff learn how to make the most of their own vehicle or, where 4x4's are provided, how to maximise both the vehicle's potential and their own safety


   Working closely with staff from many departments, we provide adverse weather training to allow essential drivers to keep moving in the worst conditions in whatever vehicle they have to use, including specialised training for drivers issued with 4x4 vehicles for winter use. We also provide dedicated trailer training and licence acquisition training for those who need a vocational licence for their job


Driver assessments and advanced driver training provided for staff at Kia, and many other franchised dealerships. Sales staff are trained to demonstrate vehicles with a greater degree of style, smoothness and safety.

Senior management staff who have to travel high mileages are trained to do so more safely and fuel-efficiently


Off-road training in 4x4's in Scotland, the Peak District, Kent and on Salisbury Plain, to enable the company behind 'Time Team' to get its' staff and equipment to digs safely and efficiently. On-road assessments are also provided for drivers in company cars, crew buses, etc., together with familiarisation training for visiting and permanent staff from other countries



Delivery of Driver Awareness courses for Dorset Safety Camera Partnership at Winfrith Police Headquarters and at the RNLI in Poole. The Driver Awareness Scheme has helped thousands of drivers to discover that there is a 'better way' to drive, just by taking a little more care. Drivers who arrive unhappy at being on an awareness course invariably leave full of enthusiasm to try out their new-found knowledge!

Equestrian and Outdoor Leadership staff at Kingston Maurward and many other Colleges are prepared for the DVSA B+E Category Car and Trailer Test, as well as Minibus Training for both the D1 and D1+E (Minibus and Trailer) Tests.

Minibus refreshers are provided for drivers who already hold the correct licence


4x4, Coach and HGV training provided to non-English speaking staff of many nationalities: Indian, Nepalese, Malay, Philipino, and Japanese among others in the Middle East, particularly Qatar and Oman. Training and Trainer Assessment provided both on black top and desert roads. Classroom training provided both in the Middle East and the UK in Defensive Driving and off-road driving



We provide Category B+E (Trailer) Licence training for National Trust Staff





Provision of Driver Awareness for young people not yet old enough to have a licence, involving driving a vehicle under supervision on a special training area and forum sessions on drink, drugs, speed, vehicle purchase and law


Immediate Response 'Green Light' Driver Training provided to Trauma and Maxillo-Facial Surgeons, as well as to Organ Retrieval Specialists who must respond rapidly to hospital pagers to conduct urgent surgery




Trailer Training provided for staff to obtain the B+E Category Towing Licence

Just one of many companies we provide driver assessment, risk management and driver development training for



Training in handling, towing and general trailer safety provided for professional staff who need to tow over long distances and then launch and retrieve working boats


Eco Driver Training provided for a wide range of companies and institutions under the aegis of the Energy Saving Trust, as part of a programme by the Department for Transport to reduce fuel usage and emissions